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This country is famous for many things, vodka is one of them. I am sure you have also noticed all the fine women over there. Many of them have a distinct East European look with big lips and blonde hair, and many of them have an attitude and a temper that can kill you with their gaze alone if you do not behave.

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It is not that other girls are fine also. If you take a peek at our Asians, Ebonies and Latinas (see the top menu) I am sure you will see someone just as sweet. But - the big difference is that most of the Russian women here do speak English, and sometimes that helps you enjoy the show more. There are also a fair bit of Romanian cam girls on this other site if you want some more. Admit it, after a while it is normal to get tired of just looking. A little bit of talking and communication surely does not hurt.

Most of our girls looks just like your everyday supermodel. I find myself looking at the pictures and wondering if Russia really has only beautiful women. But when you get to chat with them you will see that they are nice and normal just like your next door neighbour. Even if many of them are blonde they seem like intelligent girls. See the homepage with only black girls on cam for some other beauties live now.

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And if you are looking for the super sweet Oriental looking women from Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan you will find them on the Asian section of this site. You should not need to do that because there are lots of cute Russian Asians here on this page also! Just keep looking; I am sure you will soon be chatting with your dream girl from Eastern Europe. In fact, I think that many of these cam girls are some of the sweetest I have ever seen. And I can promise you that I have seen a lot in my short life.